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The Studio

It’s Thursday morning and things are seriously starting to ramp up with the studio!2a

The builders are here about to start the oak cladding; the floor has been ripped up (ready for the beautiful flooring to go down)!  The bi-folding doors should be here in a couple of weeks.  I am totally excited about these…. Imagine a beautiful sunny day, doors to the studio open, listening to the breeze going through the trees and the sound of bird song.  It’s going to be gorgeous!

1aI have all of the equipment ready and waiting for classes to commence.  Mats, blocks, foam rollers, magic circles and resistance bands…. Oh just imagine the fun we are going to have with all of this…. muahahahahaha (this is my evil laugh)!

The only problem is, I am desperate to teach at the moment, I have so many enquiries and keen clients, but I have nowhere to do so!  At the moment, all classes are in the garden (meaning that I am totally dependent on the British weather, which is not a great thing to rely on)!