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Pilates anywhere, anytime!

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It’s half term week in the Freeman Household, which means with the four boys around my ankles, I have less time to myself than usual!

Today we have had a lazy morning, followed by chips and football on the waterfront. But just because I am hectic with the kids (I also have my Mum and Dad staying from Cyprus and not forgetting my brother and sister are staying too!!), it doesn’t mean to say that I don’t find time to practice Pilates and take care of myself.  

I can’t even begin to tell you how important I think it is, to make time for exercise.  With my ongoing back issues, I know that if I don’t make time at least 3 days a week to practice Pilates, I will suffer and this will then result in the kids suffering, as I will be grumpy if I’m in pain, or perhaps won’t be able to do, the things I want to do with them.

It’s time for operation ‘get your kids involved’!

Pilates really can be practiced anywhere!  You don’t need expensive and bulky gym equipment, you, don’t need fancy trainers, you just need yourself and perhaps a mat.  Today I didn’t even have that, but it didn’t stop me and the kids from busting out some moves!!

I love to do Pilates all over the place, in the forest, on the beach and every holiday I have been on, surrounded by the beauty of nature.  When practicing Pilates outside, concentrating on your breath and control of your body, you suddenly begin to feel at one with nature.

The whole ‘being at one with nature’ thing obviously didn’t happen this afternoon, as I had 3 of the 4 boys with me!! But, the kids do love it too, we incorporated the ball into some of the moves and what child doesn’t like ‘rolling like a ball’ (definitely one of their favorite of the mat work repertoire)!

So… no excuses ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to practice Pilates anywhere, anytime!

Lou x