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One-to-One Sessions - How they help...

121Ok… I am going to start this blog by saying that I love a Pilates class and for me, I would choose to go to a class over a private session any day of the week!  I am a people’s person, I love to be in a group and I also love the energy that comes from being in a class full of like-minded people.

However, sometimes a one-to-one session is necessary and can be helpful.  Perhaps you’re a little anxious to come to a class for the first time.  

If this is the case then a private lesson will help you to really get to grips with the basics of Pilates. I had a private session this morning, a lady who had been to a few classes elsewhere.  She thought she was getting on pretty well.  It was only when I saw her alone that we realised, that she didn’t have a full understanding of the basic principles of Pilates, such as breathing correctly and centring.  She told me that in a class environment, she hadn’t felt comfortable to ask.  We managed to cover everything in one session and she will be joining my group classes straight away!

121aMaybe you have an injury and you need to be broken back into Pilates gently.  This is a good example of when a one-to-one can be helpful.  Pilates can be great to help you rehabilitate from an injury.  Chiropractor’s, osteopaths and physio’s will more often than not recommend Pilates to get you on to the road to recovery.  A one-to-one session can help you in a safe environment and to meet your specific needs.

An initial consultation and postural assessment will help determine your strengths and development needs.  From there a personalised programme will be devised, tailored to meet your requirements.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on whether a one-to-one session or a group class will suit you best.

Lou x