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Pilates and My Yoga Retreat in Turkey

IMG 0631Firstly… let me set this straight… This was the most unretreaty ‘retreat’ that I’ve ever heard of!  It was basically one big girly (slightly drunken) holiday.  But it was absolutely fab!  There were 11 lovely ladies in total and we have all come back with new friendships and lots of memories.

We began each day with an 8am Yoga or Pilates class, this was great, because no matter what or how much you had drunk the night before, this pretty much sorted you out for the day… yet another good reason to exercise!  Before going out for dinner every evening, we would do another 5pm class – so after doing 2 hours exercise each day, this meant that we were all free to eat whatever we liked… with no guilt!!

IMG 0519We went on boat trips galore, where we saw Turtles and swam in fresh water lagoons.  One of the boat trips was in the evening, we ended up having a BBQ on a private island and sat around a campfire, exchanging stories of silly things that we had done.  We visited the Turkish Baths for a deep exfoliation and a foam massage.  We also went to the mud baths, which were slightly whiffy, but a lot of fun!  We had a surprise belly-dancing lesson one night, which was pretty hilarious and I’m glad I was stood near the back!

IMG 0352We did lots of shopping for handbags - more than any of us had ever done before (but they were so beautiful and so irresistible)!

I have come back fully refreshed and with lots of energy to start teaching you all… so watch out!!

The studio should be ready within the next couple of weeks, it’s looking great, however it’s taking a little longer than expected.  But, it will look PERFECT and you will be in the most wonderful environment to start practicing Pilates.

I am going to start taking bookings soon, so please look at www.pilatesstudionewforest.com to see what times/days etc. suit you best.

And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Much love,